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  2. The Old South African Flag Was A Tricolor With Orange White And Blue Stripes On Stripe There Were Three Flags Which Countries They Why Green White Orange Flag Countries Symbols Meaning And Fact Infos National Flags Flag Red White Blue St Cross And Unio
  3. The Prince's Flag is a Dutch flag, first used in the Dutch Revolt during the late 16th century. The Prince's Flag is based on the Flag of Prince William of Orange-Nassau, hence the name. The colours are orange, white and blue. On the basis of the French names of these colours, orange-blanc-bleu, the flag is also referred to by the Dutch rhymes oranje-blanje-bleu and ranje-blanje-bleu
  4. Usage of the colours orange, white and blue (Dutch: Oranje, Wit, Blauw, from French Orange, Blanc, Bleu) was based on the livery of William and was first recorded in the siege of Leiden in 1574, when Dutch officers wore orange-white-blue brassards. The first known full color depiction of the flag appeared in 1575 (see image)

S. Flags with blue, orange, white stripes‎ (2 C, 3 F) Y. Blue, orange, white, yellow flags‎ (1 C, 3 F) Z. Flag of South Africa (1928-1994)‎ (3 C, 22 F) Media in category Blue, orange, white flags. The following 31 files are in this category, out of 31 total. Ayeyarwadydivisionflag.png363 × 217; 8 KB The blue, white and orange refer to the colors of the historical Dutch flag. Orange is the color the Dutch adopted after their leader William I, Prince of Orange . The Committee's report stated that the order of arrangement follows the practice found in the French , Belgian and other tri-colors, of placing the darkest bar next to the staff The orange, white and blue flag (at the base of the RSA flag), also called Prince's flag which is believe also to have been used by Van Riebeeck, however, it isn't a Boer flag At one time this tricolour flag was orange, white, and blue, as those were the livery colours of William of Orange, a Dutch prince. In the 17th century, red replaced the orange as a flag colour, because the orange dye used on the flag was unstable, and turned red after exposure to the sun

This is a list of flags of states, territories, and other geographic entities sorted by their combinations of dominant colors. Flags emblazoned with seals, coats of arms, and other multicolored emblems are sorted only by their color fields. The color of text is almost entirely ignored. Colors related to the two metals of European heraldry are sorted first. The five major colors of European heraldry are sorted next. Miscellaneous colors are sorted last. Similar colors are grouped together to mak The orange, white, and purple flag was created in the mold of the Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag, except with the addition of orange stripes. Its updated design was first seen on social media in 2018 and was intended to be a design for everyone, since the Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag did not include butch lesbians. This flag was voted on by the community and has, therefore, become popular online Republic of Ireland, Niger, Ivory Coast, and Indian are presently the 4 countries with green, white, and orange color national flag, with most of them been inspired by the French tricolor. Check out more country flags: Red White Blue Flag (Countries, symbolize, Meaning and Fact) Green White Flag (Countries, symbolize, Meaning and Fact Vertical tri color flags flag identification online stores, inc no blue on th... Bulk discounts orange white pennant flag strings $12. Googleusercontent search

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The orange-white-blue Princevlag Oranje-blanje-bleu Prinsevlag In 1572 the orange-white-blue flag was first mentioned when the town of Den Briel was liberated. The red-white-blue flag was first mentioned in 1596. Around 1630 more flags with a red stripe were used, and after 1660 the version with the orange stripe became very rare. It's still unknown why the orange stripe was changed to red, but there are two main theories The Lesbian Pride Flag, featuring seven different shades of pink, orange, white and red, is flown as the official lesbian flag. In some cases an older variant is flown, which features more red and pink in the stripes instead of orange. Sometimes, this red / pink variant features the addition of a lipstick mark in one corner and is flown to celebrate the subculture of Lipstick Lesbian, members of which stick to a 'feminine' image rather than taking a 'butch' one. This design became. Founded on 3 December 1959, this flag follows a simple vertical pattern of (from left to right): orange, white, and green. In this flag, the orange represents the savanna grasslands, the white is a symbol for the country's rivers, and the green represents the coastal forests Photo Majuba Commemoration #1, left edge: a red-white-blue or orange-white-blue flag with unidentified emblem. I guess this could be the flag of an Afrikaner movement, party or organization. Is somebody able to recognize the emblem? On the right of the photo: Transvaal flag, but with a diagonal orange stripe from lower hoist to upper fly added. Photo Majuba Commemoration #2: at the right again. ©2021 The World Flag Database & Graham Bartram Flag Drawings © Graham Bartram, portions © The Flag Institute & Mario Fabrett

The flag of Ivory Coast (French: drapeau de la Côte d'Ivoire) features three equal vertical bands of orange (hoist side), white, and green. It is also the national emblem of the Republic of Ivory Coast.Its status as the national emblem is affirmed in article 29 of the Constitution of Ivory Coast since 1960. The flag has the proportions of 2:3 The NSB announced in the early 30's that the Orange, Blanche, Blue was the only real Dutch flag and started displaying it at many of their events. In an act of defiance the Dutch Royal House, by name of Queen Wilhelmina, put a law into effect that the Red, White and Blue was the only real Dutch flag and always would be Orange flags can include excessively high levels of distress, major personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, drug and alcohol abuse/addictions or clinical depression. Psychosocial flags allow us to identify aspects of the person, their problem and their social context, and how those factors affect the recovery and return-to-work process. The concept was introduced in 1997 by.

Flags with three horizontal stripes of blue, orange and white color combination‎ (3 C) Flags with three horizontal stripes of blue, red and white color combination ‎ (5 C, 13 F) Flags with three horizontal stripes of blue, white and yellow color combination ‎ (6 C, 15 F Three former Dutch territories still fly flags with an orange, white and blue colour scheme: the city of Albany, the city of New York, and the borough of the Bronx. Those cities use the old. Flag of 1928-1994. Following the Union of South Africa, that is the joining of the former colonies of Natal, Cape, Transvaal and Orange River on 31 May 1910, South Africa used defaced red and blue ensigns. Having suffered defeat in the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), many South Africans particularly of Boer extraction found these flags unacceptable Blue, orange, white flags‎ (12 C, 34 F) P Blue, pink, white flags‎ (2 C, 6 F) Blue, purple, white flags‎ (2 C, 5 F) R Blue, red, white flags‎ (46 C, 1187 F) S Flags with blue and white stripes‎ (14 C, 107 F) U Blue and white flags of Ukraine‎ (2 F) United Nations flags and insignia‎ (13 C, 54 F) Naval jacks of the United States‎ (2 C, 31 F) Y Blue, white, yellow flags‎ (18 C.

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White in colour; Carries a red flag not less than 50 cm square with a white diagonal stripe; Swimming Buoy. Swimming Buoys mark the perimeter of swimming areas. White in colour; Yellow light may flash in a 4-second sequence ; Keep Out Buoy. Keep Out Buoys mark an area of water where boating is prohibited. White, with an orange diamond containing an orange cross on two opposite sides and two. no flag White Black Blue Green Orange Yellow '#' ( (( '# ˇ˙˝˛ˇ˙ ˘ˇˆ ˘˛ ˘ˇˆ(ˇ˛ˇ ! ˘ ˚ ˛% ˇ˙˜)˘&˘*+˘ ˛ ˚, , ˆ˜ -! . . ˘˛ ˘ˇˆ ˚ ˇ . ˙˜ ˚˝˘$%ˇ˙ ˘&ˆ˜ ˚% . ˘˙ ˇ ˛˙ ˛%˛˘˜ ˚˝˘$%ˇ˙ ˘&ˆ˜ ˚ ˘ˇ˙ ˆ. ˘˙ ˇ . ˙ ˜ Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue no flag White Black Blue Green Orange Yellow)( )( )( ' - )( ˇ)˘,˘ˇ / The Transvaal colours were red, white, blue and green; those of the orange Free State were red, white, blue and orange. In one or two cases, the orange was replaced by yellow (perhaps through inability to obtain orange-coloured material). Several of these so-called vyfkleur (five-coloured) flags exist. This may be one of them. I would need to see a picture of the flag or (better still) to. The black-orange-white flag was very unpopular, so much so that the government felt compelled on 7 May 1883 to recognize the white-blue-red as official for use on land during celebrations. Hence the flag intended for unrestricted use was rarely seen in prerevolutionary Russia, while the flag restricted to special occasions was in fact the most likely to be hoisted whenever private citizens. This showcases all of the iRacing flags currently present in the sim as of 2019. There are eight of these flags however not all of the real world racing flags are in iRacing. Note: The listing of the flags are in alphabetical order. Note: These flags will get their own page since they are already in iRacing and also for educational use. There are eight of these flags Black Flag Blue Flag (with.

The Meaning Of Marking Flag Colors Orange is for telecommunication lines, cable TV and alarm or signal lines. Blue indicates drinkable water. Green is for sewers lines and drains. White is for proposed excavation routes and limits. Purple is for irrigation, reclaimed water or slurry The red, white and blue lion imagery seen on a flag on Jan. 6 is associated with the xenophobic, ethnonationalist website VDARE, which gets its name from Virginia Dare, supposedly the first White. Any reproduction of images, content, use of the Flag Detective name or any other use of this site is strictly prohibited unless granted permission by the copyright holder. Flag Detective does not claim to host all of the flags of the world on this site and while we strive to maintain an accurate and up to date database of world flags, occasionally some images may not be current. If you come. Color flag of American Samoa. Blue, with a white triangle edged in red that is based on the fly side Flag of Angola, 2009. Color flag of Angola. Two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and black with a centered yellow emblem Flag of Anguilla, 2009. Color flag of Anguilla. Blue, with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the Anguillan Flag of Antigua and Barbuda, 2009. Red, white & blue flags. Flags with the color Red, white & blue; All the flags from WorldFlags.net that uses the color Red, white & blue.. Many flags may perhaps not be seen as Red, white & blue thanks to many other dominating colors. But due to the fact that people are searching for some flag they can't remember the name of - but has the color Red, white & blue on it - we therefore choose to.

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India adopted the familiar horizontal tricolor of orange, white, and green with a blue Ashoka Chakra at the center. The tricolor had been used, unofficially, since the early 1920s as the flag of the Indian National Congress, with the colors representing Hinduism (orange), Islam (green), and a hoped-for unity and peace (white). More unofficially, the flag was patterned on the other example of. horizontally striped red-white-blue national flag. Its width-to-length ratio is 2 to 3. In the 16th century William I, prince of Orange, became a leader of the Dutch independence movement against Spain.Based on the arms of his ancestral territory of Orange, William used livery colours of orange, white, and blue. At the siege of Leiden in 1574, soldiers wore those colours on their uniforms, and. Partly out of respect for him, the first flag adopted by the Dutch was originally orange, white, and blue. The orange dye was particularly unstable and tended to turn red after a while, so in the mid-17th century, red was made the official color. The flag has flown since then. As the first revolutionary flag, it has had an influence throughout the world. Until about 1800, in the case of both. Five horizontal bands of red (top), white, blue (double width), white, and Flag of Togo, 2009. Color flag of Togo. Red, with a black isosceles triangle (based on the hoist side) superimposed on a Flag of Tokelau, 2009. Color flag of Tokelau. Five equal horizontal bands of green (top and bottom) alternating with yellow; Flag of Tonga, 2009. Color flag of Tonga. Red with a bold red. After all, the colors of the official Dutch flag are red, white, and blue. Dutch soccer fans line the canals to celebrate the Dutch National Football team after it finished in second place in the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament. Orange rules. Dutch Royal Family: The House of Orange. The answer is simple: Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family, which hails from the House of Orange. More.

Facts about the united states flag blue stripe on an american flag mean american flag black and white with blue michael ingbar 4 president 2020 thin blue line flag from flags What Is The Meaning Of Thin Blue LineWhy Is The U S Flag All Blue And White QuoraThin Blue Line What Does An American Read More 120 Foot Economy Backstroke Flags (Blue/White) 4.7 out of 5 stars 2. $57.99 $ 57. 99. FREE Shipping. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. 60 Foot Economy Backstroke Flags (Blue/White) $39.99 $ 39. 99. FREE Shipping. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. 60 Foot Economy Backstroke Flags (Multi-Colored) $39.99 $ 39. 99. FREE Shipping. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. +5 colors/patterns. LIFEGUARD. FLags with Vertical Stripes - Flag Image Identifier; Afganistan Albania Algeria; Andorra Angola; flag Antigua and Barbuda Argentina; Armenia Austalia; Austria flags Azerbaijan The Bahamas Bahrain; Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan; Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei; Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon; Canada Cape Verde Central African. 39Ft Halloween Party Decoration Garland Streamers Purple Bat White Ghost Black Orange Circle Dot Hanging Paper Banner Bunting for Halloween All Hallows Eve Birthday Home Fireplace Decor Supplies. $12.99 $ 12. 99 ($2.00/Ounce) FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Tim&Lin 20 Feet Double Sided Orange Black Glitter Pennant Banner - Paper Triangle Flags Bunting - Party Decoration. There is no orange line in the American Flag. Whatever you are looking at is not part of the flag. Sometimes the flag will have gold fringe which may be represented by the color yellow/orange. Fringe is only applied to flags which are to be used i..

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  1. The Flag Green White Orange must not be allowed to contact the floor or ground. No Flag or pennant ought to be flown over the nationwide Flag. The Flag really should not be smaller sized than every single other Flag flown concurrently. The Ancient Greek Flag is very identifiable. Many the bestselling Flags are manufactured from durable nylon. Inside this calendar 12 months, the second official.
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  3. The orange, white and blue flag of apartheid South Africa and also that of former Rhodesia were sported by Dylann Roof Chris McGreal Fri 19 Jun 2015 01.43 EDT Last modified on Fri 14 Jul 2017 17.
  4. The flag used to be orange-white-blue instead of red-white-blue, but these recent colors were standardized in 1949. Meaning of the Flag. The flag of the Netherlands has a basic horizontal tri-band design. The significance of the flag lies within the colors chosen. The colors used in the flag of the Netherlands are based on the coat of arms of Prince William of Orange, who was a leading fighter.
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Feb 25, 2019 - Flag (Orange, White & Blue) February 201 India Flag Colors Hex, RGB, CMYK and PANTONE values. The Indian flag features primary colors of Orange, White, and Blue. Use these color values if you need their national colors for any of your digital, paint or print projects

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Blue A blue flag indicates that the driver in front who is one or more laps down must let faster cars behind pass. If the driver ignores 3 consecutive blue flags, a penalty is issued to the driver. In practice and qualifying, this is shown when a car is being hindered by a slower car. White Slow moving vehicle ahead - often waved on the last corner during free practice when drivers do practice. 3 colors: white, orange, green. Meaning of the flag of Cyprus: The white field of the background has a copper-orange island in the center, representing the abundance of copper ore in the country. Under the island, there are two olive branches which symbolize the peace and harmony which the country has been trying to negotiate between the Greek and the Turkish communities. That is why the.

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Recently, orange flags were added to the spectrum, and represent the equivalent of red flags for mental health and psychological problems - alerting the clinician to serious problems that could be psychiatric in nature, and therefore require referral to a specialist in that field, rather than following the normal course of management for mild mental health conditions such as anxiety. Orange. Jede Farbe hat eine Bedeutung: Pink stand für Sexualität, Rot für das Leben, Orange für Heilung, Gelb für die Sonne, Grün für die Natur, Türkis für die Kunst, Blau für Harmonie und Lila für Spiritualität. Progress-Flag. Die Progress (engl. Fortschritt) Flagge wurde 2017 von dem*r nichtbinären Grafikdesigner*in Daniel Quasar entworfen. Diese Variation der originalen.

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The flag of Niger also has the moon, and it has three regular horizontal orange, white, and green bands from top to bottom. At the center of the bands is the moon in orange color. The flag was adopted in 1959 after it gained independence from France. Brunei, whose moon is visible in the crest that is featured on the flag. The flag of Bangladesh has a red moon at the center of a dark green. The classic pairing of blue and orange never fails to inspire; it is another good example of when opposites attract. The cool tones of blue emphasizes the warmth that orange radiates. This pairing is often found in nature too and is meant to be comforting and familiar to the human eye. From a communication perspective, the color combination of blue and orange has been used in countless posters. Meaning of different racing flags used in F1. Types of Flags used in F1 are Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green, Orange & Black, Checkered Flag. Follow Sportskeeda to get the latest F1 news, updates. Image: Details: Title: Colours as Symbols Description: The colours 'orange' and 'red, white and blue' are closely associated with Unionism and Loyalism in Northern Ireland. The colours red, white and blue are the three colours of the British Union Flag.These colours are used extensively in working-class Protestant areas of the region and are painted on kerbstones, lampposts, etc

The Flag of India, known as the Tiranga, has three main colors - saffron (orange), white and green - in equal-sized horizontal stripes.The Ashoka Chakra (24-spoke wheel), which is the national symbol of India, sits right in the middle of the flag in navy blue. The closest Pantone® equivalents of the colors in the Indian flag are 715 C (saffron), 356 C (green) and 2738 C (navy blue) The Orange Windsock Flag. Meaning: Offshore winds present, inflatables should not be used. This cone-shaped device is used to indicate the direction of offshore winds and to show that it is unsafe for inflatable objects to be used in the water. You can also find other beach warning signals with different messages for specific beaches and coastal areas: Share this article. RELATED ARTICLES. There has been much debate over what flag should represent Lesbianism, some of the most commonly used are edited versions of the lipstick lesbian flag and the labrys lesbian flag, however many other flags have been put forward. This flag is commonly used as the lesbian flag, and is used mainly by actual lesbians (women). This flag is used mainly by non-women who identify as lesbians, despite. Blue: Harmony. Violet: Spirit . Wikimedia Commons. 2 of 13. Philadelphia's People of Color Inclusive Flag This flag was created in 2017 to give representation to black and brown people in the.

Emoji Meaning A view of city buildings as the last light disappears from the sky. An orange (or blue) glow lingers, before the stars of Basketball. Emoji Meaning An orange-colored basketball displayed with a hoop. Many versions of this emoji omit the hoop, and display only the ⛵ Sailboat. Emoji Meaning A sailboat, otherwise known as a sailing boat or yacht. Uses wind as the source. The Thin Blue Line flag, which is similar to the black American flag, has also become popular in recent years, but features a single blue stripe and is otherwise completely black and white. Excellent Product. We ordered the Fourth of July bunting and are very happy with the quality of the product. We love that these are made in America and the shipping time was impressive The flag has the British ensign on the canton side and coat of arms on the fly side that has a tortoise and a yellow lion below it. Jersey has a white flag with red crosses, at the point where the two lines cross each other stands a coat of arms that has three golden lions. The flag was adopted in 1979. The Montenegro flag was officially launched in 2004. It is red with yellow borders and a.

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Hi hi. What you're seeing here is an updated version of my summer 2018 Pride Flags comic. The original version contained a mistake (I switched two colors on the ace flag, sorry ace friends!) and the new version features an additional row of flags! As of the time I'm making this update, even this newe Selmad July 4th Patriotic Sunflower Garden Flag Red White Blue Jar Double Sided, USA Summer Burlap Decorative House Yard Decoration, Fall Flower American Seasonal Home Outdoor Décor 12 x 18 Autumn. 4.8 out of 5 stars 339. $8.99 $ 8. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, May 24. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . Blue and White Open Flag-Nyl-Glo-3 ft. X 5 ft. $47.46 $ 47. 46. $9.99.

The flag of Scotland is a white X-shaped cross (a saltire), which represents the cross of the patron Scottish Saltire is also used unofficially by students and graduates of Xavier University because of the university's blue and white official colors and the resemblance of the flag to the letter X. It is also the flag for St . Andrew's Scots School, Argentina (founded in 1838) and its. Its first flag was an orange, white and blue striped flag (called the Prinsvlag) which was based on the colors of William of Orange, the first ruler of the Dutch Republic. The orange dye in the early flags faded over time to red, so in the mid 1700s, the orange in the flag was changed to red. The Netherlands has been a kingdom since 1814 (after the Napoleonic Wars). Related Pages: The. Placing orange flags means companies should be careful about digging this area, especially when people are expecting a big game on TV. Other colors to watch out for include: Red -it is the most common color and it's used to mark electric utilities or power lines Marking an area with red will help to avoid a power outage that can affect the whole neighborhood Consummate 25 Pack Solid Orange Flag Small Mini Plain Orange DIY Flags On Stick,Party Decorations for Parades,Grand Opening,Kids Birthday,Party Events Celebration. 4.0 out of 5 stars 110. $7.99 $ 7. 99 $9.99 $9.99. Get it as soon as Fri, May 21. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 4 Pieces 18 x 18 Inches Mesh Safety Flags Orange Warning Flag Bungee Safety Flag Good Visibility.

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An orange windsock indicates the presence of offshore or strong winds. If there's an orange windsock on your beach, avoid using any type of inflatable or float. RED AND WHITE (OR QUARTERED) FLAG. The red and white quartered flag indicates an emergency evacuation. There could be a variety of reasons for this, ranging from sharks in the water to hurricane conditions. Evacuate the water. The orange signifies the fertile land of the north, the white means peace and the green means the lush greenery of the southern part of the country. Check this out West African Currencies and Codes. Flag of Ivory Coast: The Flag of Senegal: The map of Senegal was adopted officially in 1960. The Map has three colors namely green, yellow and red. These three bands stand vertically with the green. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions. horizontally striped deep saffron (muted orange)-white-green national flag with a 24-spoked blue chakra.

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  1. Next to red in the rainbow spectrum sits the color orange, which also has recently acquired some ideological tinge in Russian usage. Following the so-called Orange Revolution that took place in.
  2. der our our fallen police brothers and sisters. Honor the Men and Women of Law Enforcement with this Blue Line Flag. Be proud and raise the Blue Line Flag and remember their sacrifice To protect and to.
  3. blue, with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the Anguillan coat of arms centered in the outer half of the flag; the coat of arms depicts three orange dolphins in an interlocking circular design on a white background with a turquoise-blue field below; the white in the background represents peace; the blue base symbolizes the surrounding sea, as well as faith, youth, and.
  4. The flag of 1911, a white star outlined in blue with a blue 46 centered on a red field, lost popularity because it too closely resembled the symbols of Communism. So in 1924, a contest was held to come up with a new design to represent the unity of its Native American and European-American cultures. The winner of the contest (sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution) was Mrs.
  5. Collection: American Flag Fashion Number Color Black Camo Gold Gray Light Blue Navy Old Gold Pink Purple Red Royal White Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to ol
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World's 10 Most Colorful Flags Here are ten of the most colorful flags from around the world. While it is fairly common for flags to have just three colors, like the red, white, and blue of the United States or the black, red, and gold of Germany, some flags are much more colorful than that. What makes a flag colorful tends to be a subjective decision, however Red/White/Blue Flag Bunting Red/White/Blue/White/Red Flag Bunting Red/White/Stars/White/Red USA Flag Bunting Mourning Pleated Fans Black Flag Bunting Black/Purple/Black Flag Bunting. Alert drivers and workers to potential hazards.. Checkered flags are also known as airport flags.. Tie flags with loop hangers onto equipment, fences, or the tailgate of a truck.. Flags with threaded rod end are also known as warning whips. An extra-long rod holds them high in the air, so you can spot cars and trucks among stacked equipment, construction vehicles, and other large obstacles Jul 2, 2020 - Photo about Irish Green White Orange National Flag Waving In The Wind On A Beautiful Summer Blue Sky. Image of craitza, diplomacy, beautiful - 17334038 Vinyl coated nylon flag is a fluorescent material for high visibility. This item is Ideal for road & highway crews, emergency workers, and parking lot direction. View all of our safety flags . MENU Safety Flag Co. of America. Division of Vogue Industries. Manufacturing for over 65 years. Call now (800) 556-7584. Home Blog Print Screen. Your Cart 0. Home; Flags - Solid; Vinyl Flags; Product. Flags Containing a Sun - The sun is pictured on many flags, sometimes in an abstract way. A collection of flag printouts, and activities for students

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